Scriptural Thoughts


THY WORD is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path. Psalm 119:105

Walking forward in the light of God’s Word today. I will not be crushed. I am not abandoned. I will not be in despair. I will not be destroyed. God is with me and for me!

Jesus does love us in our mess. It’s so true. But, as our greatest Friend, Savior, and Sanctifer, He also loves enough to (1) make us aware of the mess and (2) help us be free from the mess.Grace does not enable our mess.
Grace provides forgiveness and moves us to be rid of our mess.
(Mess = sin)

We need to see Jesus as gracious AND also as the one who clears the temple when the unholy invades the holy place. And to be honest, I am glad. I don’t want to live in unholiness. I am called unto holiness and that’s the most fulfilling place to be. I don’t want only a gracious Savior. I want a Savior who’s going to point at my mess and say, “I have better for you than this.”

And then it’s time for my response. Will I put on a pouty face and say I like my unholiness just where it is? Or will I agree and ask Him to help me be holy as He is holy?

Our strength will rise as we wait upon/hope in the Lord.

God is not the God of some grace — like bygone grace. He is the God of “all grace” — including the infinite, inexhaustible stores of future grace. Faith in that grace is the key to enduring on the narrow and hard way that leads to life.- John Piper

The lesson we learn from the Magi: study the Bible, look up, go wherever God leads you, and you’ll discover Jesus.

Don’t write people off… write God in… by praying for them and believing in God to make the miraculous difference.

Jesus saved me even though He knew I’d live my own way. Jesus saved me even though He offered ample warnings and yet I fell into the pit anyway. Jesus saved me even though I gave into my temptation. Jesus saved me even though I exchanged Him for the world.

But in all of this, I still had to make the choice to admit my need of His saving. He is the Savior, but He waits and allows us to choose.

He is so good! And He loves us so much! And He eagerly waits for us to call on Him to save.